Casino Software Providers

On the list of things prospective players need to know when choosing an online gambling destination, software is among the most important considerations. Online casinos don’t usually create their own games. Instead, they play host to software created by companies that specialize in creating and supporting slots, card games and more. More often than not, respectable casinos in English speaking countries will call on one of the four major software providers outlined below.

Top Casinos By Software

Biggest Software Providers


Microgaming CasinosMicrogaming: Experience can be hard to come by in an industry that’s only about two decades old, but in Microgaming, industry experience is a true strength. Microgaming claims to have released the first genuine online casino in 1994 and has been one of the leading software providers on the planet ever since. Microgaming powers more than 600 games of varying types, including progressive slots like Mega Moolah and The Dark Knight, and boasts quality products for download, flash and mobile use. See our dedicated page for a list of Microgaming’s casinos and more about the company


Playtech: Founded in 1999, Playtech is another industry standard that supports online casinos, online poker rooms, online bingo, online sports betting, scratch games, mobile gaming, live dealer games and fixed-odds arcade games. While all of its products boast strong reputations, the company is perhaps best known for its iPoker platform, as well as its Marvel licensed slot games, like the Incredible Hulk, or Hollywood-influenced titles like Gladiator. Playtech has long boasted strong downloadable and flash versions of its casinos, and has also made progress with its Mobile Hub platform of late. See our dedicated page for a list of Playtech’s casinos and more about the company.


Net Entertainment: Net Entertainment entered the online casino industry from Sweden in 1996, and after nearly a decade of running its own casinos, it sold off its parlors in 2005 to focus exclusively on casino software development. Net Entertainment prides itself specifically on its high-payout strategy, with games typically generating 95 percent payouts, as well as a rich graphics system heavy on impressive animations. Some of its top titles include South Park and Scarface. Net Entertainment features downloadable and flash casinos, and was one of the first to jump into the mobile gaming world. It’s Touch system is now one of the most advanced for mobile gaming. See our dedicated page a list of NetEnt’s casinos and more about the company.


888: 888, founded in 1997, is a slightly different beast than its competitors, as its software is used to support its own brand of casinos. The 888 family began with 888casino and now includes a number of relatives, including 888poker, 888ladies, 888bingo and 888sport, among others. It’s poker room and sportsbook are especially popular, while the 888casino boasts a truly unique slate of slots and other games, like Monopoly or The Price is Right. 888 is available for download, flash and mobile use.

Modern Online Casino Software Model

Like most trades transitioning from early practices into a major industry, the online casino community has had to adjust strategies over the years. Specialization was inevitable, and the result is that very few online casinos now generate their own software systems. This means that, although there’s an endless supply of casinos for players to peruse, many of those casinos are using software provided by one of only a few companies who specialize in creating and supporting games.

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