Downloading Casino Games

Among the factors prospective online gamblers need to weigh is how exactly they plan to play. One option — perhaps the best one for certain players — is to download the software provided by your casino of choice and enjoy its slate of offerings that way. Downloadable casinos boast the most games of any platform and often have the best graphics, sounds and gameplay, too. Below, you’ll find a list of our recommended casinos with excellent downloadable versions:

Best Downloadable Casinos

Advantages To Downloading a Casino

In general, casinos will offer two ways for players to enjoy their games — downloadable casinos and flash casinos.

Downloadable Casinos: Downloadable versions are exactly as they sound. Players are able to download software from the casino website to their computer and can then access the casino via that software.

Flash Casinos: Flash casinos, on the other hand, operate through your computer’s web browser, requiring no download.

There are advantages to both versions, but in general, the downloadable version of a casino’s product is more complete. Downloadable casinos usually contain all the games a casino has to offer, while flash casinos are sometimes limited in their offerings. The games on downloadable casinos also often boast better graphics and audio and run more smoothly, too. For example, Microgaming’s progressive hit Mega Moolah runs much more efficiently in downloadable casinos, featuring richer graphics and sound and an overall more reliable gaming experience.

Who’s Offering a Downloadable Casino Client?

Just about all of the casinos we review on this site offer both downloadable and flash versions of their casinos. The downloadable versions of many casinos happen to have distinct advantages over the flash versions. For instance…

Microgaming: Microgaming software is among the most popular on the web, and is included in the Royal Vegas or Spin Palace casino download, among others. Microgaming’s flash casino is among the more complete offerings on the web, but still pales in comparison to its download version. Games like Mega Moolah and other slots with extensive graphics are more enjoyable and reliable in the downloadable version.

Playtech: and other sites that operate on Playtech usually offer both a download and flash version, and the pros and cons are similar to what players get with Microgaming. Playtech’s flash version is nice, offering a decent array of games with good graphics and dependability. But for the best experience, players should download the full version of the casino, especially if they plan to play graphic-heavy games like The Hulk or other Marvel slot games.

888: 888 software, used exclusively at 888 Casino, offers flash and download versions that are fairly similar in quality. Both versions boast good graphics, so the biggest difference is simply in the number of games offered in the 888 Casino download. The download version has more games, especially in the slots department. Another bonus here is 888’s free casino games download is Mac compatible, something some other software providers can’t match.

How to Download a Casino Software

The download process is fairly similar at different casinos. As an example of how to download a casino and get playing, we’ll use Royal Vegas (See the screenshots below for additional guidance):

Step 1 – Follow the link to download the Royal Vegas software from their site or our list.

Step 2 – A pop-up message will appear in your browser window. In that window, click ‘Run,’ then follow the on-screen instructions from the Download Helper that will launch.

Step 3 – Once the software has downloaded, click the ‘Install’ button in the pop-up window that should appear.

Step 4 – While the software downloads, return to the Royal Vegas website and register your account.


Step 5  That’s the best part! Once the software is downloaded, launch the software by double clicking on the Royal Vegas icon that should appear on your desktop.


In the end, you’re going to enjoy yourself whether you play with a flash version or go for a free slots download. But it’s important to know the difference going in and understand where the advantages might lie. With downloadable casinos, the difference in the quantity and quality of games offered can make a difference. So to get started with some of the best slot games to download, we recommend checking out some of our list of the best downloadable casinos below: