eCheck Casinos

eCheck logoEvery casino you frequent is going to have at least a few banking options available, ranging from credit cards, web wallets, wire transfer services, and more. Some of those options will do just fine for some, but for many in Canada, the best option is actually an eCheck casino. That’s because eCheck (short for electronic check) presents a simple, secure and familiar way for Canadians to deposit money from their bank accounts into the casino. If you’ve ever written a check, then you know what to expect with eCheck.


Best Casinos that Accept eCheck

eCheck is a preferred payment method for many Canadian players. As such, a good gambling site will definitely offer it as an option. To help guide you in finding the right place to play, we’ve compiled a list of the best online casinos that accept eCheck to fund your casino account.

How to Use eCheck

To begin using an eCheck service, it’s important to understand what an eCheck is. Short for electronic check, it is in fact, just that. What does that mean and how does it work?

Exactly like writing an actual check, you’ll need an actual check book to get started. You will then need to fill in the check electronically with all the recipient’s details, the date, your full personal check details, and signature, and then send it to the recipient electronically (this is all via a form for casino purposes). Once in hand, the recipient deposits the electronic check. And then, once your bank clears it, the money is deducted from your account, added to the recipient’s account, and the transaction is complete. This process, much like a regular check, can take anywhere from 3-5 business days from start to finish, depending on the banks and the service involved.

Deposits and Withdrawals with eCheck

Making a deposit with eCheck is simple, with a few quick and easy steps to follow, much like any other payment method you’d choose to use.

  • Select eCheck as your banking method – This you’ll do once you’ve signed up at an eCheck-friendly online casino like Spin Palace. At this point, as you’re setting up, you’ll be asked to choose your banking method from a dropdown list, which you should mark as eCheck.
  • Provide your relevant banking details – You will need to provide specific information, exactly as it appears on the bottom of your regular, paper check. This includes your routing number (on the left), account number (in the middle), and in some cases, the number of the check being used (on the right). If the check number is requested, then remember to void it in your paper check book. Note: Do not be put off by the details you need to provide. Online casinos have the best safety and security measures in place to protect your data – identity and cash included.
  • Choose your deposit amount – Simply fill in the blank field to tell the casino how much you wish to deposit and hit ‘Submit’.

After that, the casino should approve your deposit, and you’re ready to hit the casino floor with your cash in tow.

Withdrawals with eCheck are processed in the same manner as any payment method. That is, go to the cashier service of the online casino, specify the amount you’d like to withdraw, and click ‘Submit’. Like all accepted banking methods, there will usually be a pending period during which the casino processes your withdrawal. This may be slightly lengthened by the actual bank’s procedures, though it should never be more than a few days.

Also keep in mind, while all of our recommended Canadian eCheck casinos accept electronic checks for deposits, not all can process eCheck withdrawals. Rest assured, however, if this is the case, you can easily withdraw using a different payment method.

How to Sign Up for an eCheck Account

eCheck is different from other electronic payment methods you’re familiar with, mainly in that you do not actually sign up for an eCheck account. Instead, what you need is either an eCheck service (most notably in our case the casino cashier) and/or a bank that accommodates such transactions (most national banks and internet banks do).

So instead of creating an eCheck account, what you’re more accurately doing when using this service at an online casino like Royal Vegas is actually linking your bank account (in a limited way) to the vendor, and transferring money therein.

To see how it works, have a look at this video highlighting the eCheck payment process. While it’s not for an online casino per se, it’s a really great illustration of how it works.

Why You Should Pay with eCheck

Convenience is key when gambling online. And when you use eCheck, playing is always just a few easy steps away. While other methods require players to sign up for intermediary third-party services and jump through hoops, eCheck users can get their money onto the virtual casino floor in no time.

Simply put, in order to use eCheck, all you need to have handy is your check book. The process at all our preferred casinos like Platinum Play, is easy, and processing times are quite reasonable.

Casinos that Accept eCheck

As a preferred payment method for many a discerning player, eCheck is accepted by most reputable online casinos these days.

Some casinos even offer up special bonuses (in addition to the full welcome bonus package), to players who decide to use eCheck to make deposits. For details on where to find all of the best offers make sure to read our casino reviews, or check out the welcome bonus for our favourite Canadian casinos as listed at the top of this page.


The eCheck banking method supplies you with everything you desire when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals online. It’s amongst the most secure methods available, and provides that security without bogging you down with multiple web forms and ID checks. It’s also a very easy method for folks who aren’t the savviest of web users, or just can’t be bothered signing up for all sorts of accounts and services. Plus, since it easily operates in CAD, it’s totally Canadian-friendly. All you need is your check book and a few short minutes.

Want to start depositing with eCheck? Check out our list of the best casinos accepting eCheck, and you’re good to go.