New Casinos

The online casino industry is a competitive one. There are hundreds of them, with established big names like William Hill dominating the market. These established casinos offer a bottomless selection of games and great service, and lots of players swear by them. Yet there are always new casinos popping up on the radar, and once in a while these new casinos do manage to gain significant traction with players. Our staff tries to spot these new rising stars and introduce them to our players through our list of recommended casinos – after all it’s our business to show players the best places to play. Clicking on any of the following new casinos will assure you a high quality, fun and secure gaming experience. Go on now, try!

So what does it take for a new online casino to get on this fabled list?

Game selection

Whether it’s a new casino or an established casino, the fist thing we look at when rating a casino is the range of games. When push comes to shove, it’s the reason why players are at a casino in the first place – they want to play. Who developed the games and are they reputable developers? Does the casino work with multiple companies for its game supplies to ensure a diversity of games? What’s the payout like?

Most established casinos have a huge range of games, a sportsbook, poker rooms, bingo halls and all sorts if online betting options. It’s very hard for the smaller, new casinos to compete on this front. However, some new casinos have successfully broken into the picture by focusing on a best-of approach. Perhaps there might be a focus on online slots, and the focus is so deep and extensive that players can find the all the best slot games. Or maybe the casino is all about live dealers. Whatever it is, the casino tries to be the best in the field.

Innovative Promotions

New casinos certainly make themselves stand out through their welcome bonus and other promotions. A stream of regular casino promotions helps because they add a whole new level of excitement to the overall casino experience. Daily, weekly, monthly promos get bonus points in our books. Free spins, free games, extra deposit bonuses, missions with rewards, unlockable prizes – stuff that players like. Weekly game features are always welcome as it gives people the opportunity to try new things and spice up the routine. Lucky draws with awesome real world prizes such as exotic vacations and the latest electronic gadgets are also a hit with many players. We’ve also seen new casinos go radical with free spin policies, offering free spin winnings as cash that’s immediately withdrawable. These moves shake things up and definitely get our attention. Compared to established casinos, the new casinos get pretty creative with the range of promotions they offer.

Generous Terms

It’s not just about offering the highest bonus. The actual value of the deal is tied to the fine print. We have a pretty good idea of what the industry average is in terms of casino offers and their conditions. New casinos should aim to offer something better, such as lower wagering requirements or more comprehensive gaming contributions. Our staff takes a close look at the terms the bonus comes with, and we want a deal.

Customer Service

This is often one of the watershed moments for new online casinos. No Live Chat? That’s a major minus. Uninformed customer service reps also have serious repercussions. When we evaluate new casinos, we observe the time it takes for us to connect with an agent, and note how helpful and knowledgeable they are. A Canadian toll-free phone number is also a huge plus.


One of the most common complaints we hear from players is that the withdrawal process is too slow. Ok, the first time all the documents and ID need to be proofed, but the next times shouldn’t take forever. The smarter casinos are catching onto this and are offering withdrawals within 24 hours of request. The way it should be.

Gaming experience

Gaming experience is also important. The site should be well-designed and mobile-ready. We have to say we do have a clear preference for casinos that are available through an instant-play, mobile-ready option. We want casinos that work across Mac, Windows, Android devices, iPhones, tablets. The works. It’s 2017, and it’s time to get with it.

In short, to get on OCC’s recommended casino list, new casinos should try to offer players something focused and fill it up with a constant flow of exciting promotions. But don’t try to lure us with deals that sound too good to be true, because our people love reading the fine print and doing the math.