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Bingo is one of the many games involving numbers and chance. It is perhaps one of the most played games throughout the world. Bingo was originally invented in Italy back in the 1500’s. The game was actually called Beano and was later changed to Bingo when New York toy salesman, Edwin Lowe made the game what as we know it today.

Bingo is very easy to learn and play in less than a few seconds. You get a card with numbers on it, a blotter or some type of marker to keep track of numbers called and the caller will announce the numbers. When a number is called you mark it off your card if it is on there. If not, you just wait until the next number. Once someone connects a row of numbers, they will shout out bingo and the caller will check to make sure they have a winning card. You can start your Bingo experience on the Free Bingo Game at the bottom.

List of Bingo Casinos

How to Play Bingo

online bingo games can be won by making a horizontal diagonal or vertical row of sequencing numbers. In some places you can win by getting all four corners and some use a free space in the middle. Other halls may have unique twists, but the concept remains the same.

The most common variations of online bongo games are the 75, 80 and 90 ball. The rules will be the same as is the goal. The only difference will be the amount of balls used by the caller. For 75 ball bingo, only 75 balls are used and you can figure how many 80 and 90 ball use I’m sure.

Online Bingo
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Who Plays Bingo?

Bingo Players โ€“ It’s a common stereotype that bingo halls are filled with little grey haired old ladies, but the reality is different

  • The majority of bingo players are between the ages of 30-50. I haven’t met someone that has never played this game in their life. It’s a game that can be enjoyed by everyone and is played almost everywhere.
  • People who like numerology and lottery games are especially drawn to the game for its lure of numbers. They may believe they have lucky numbers that will always win or other superstitions.

One of the biggest draws of Bingo is that it can be played for pennies. You never need much money to play a game and often times you can spend just a few bucks for hours of entertainment and even walk away much richer than you entered with.

Fun Online Strategies

If you’ve been to a local bingo hall you may find some strange occurrences. The diehard players will break out all their lucky charms and set them in a row or have some other quirk that they feel gives them an edge.

One of the non superstitious techniques one can use is playing multiple boards. This will give you more chances to win since you have more numbers to choose from.

Whatever your strategy or superstition may be, Bingo is a great game for everyone. It’s cost effective and can be played online or off. The simplicity of the game attracts people from all walks of life and can be one of the most enjoyable, social experiences you will have.