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Best Scratch CardsThere isn’t a whole lot to scratch cards, and for many gamblers, that’s the biggest draw. There’s no paylines and complicated payout patters to learn, and no level of requisite skill required to play. If all you want is to sit down and do some wagering, scratch cards are the way to go. All you need is a functioning mouse, really. Players pick which symbols to scratch, and if the right ones are revealed, you’re a big winner! Try the Free Scratch Game at the bottom or you can find scratch cards at almost all online casinos, including the recommended sites in the table below:

How to play

Choosing the game: Like I said, this one is an easy one. Most casinos will have a tab for scratch cards, and so you’ll first head there. Pick out the game you want to play first. Once it’s been launched, your first move is to set your wager amount — most games feature Plus and Minus buttons that allow you to toggle between amounts.

New Card button: After that, most games will have you click on the New Card button. At this point, your bet will be taken from your account, and you’ll get scratching. Technically, you have the option to either scratch and reveal one symbol at a time — similar to how you use a quarter on a lottery card — or you can click the Show Card button, which will reveal all the symbols in one swoop.

I always prefer to go one symbol at a time and savor the experience a bit, but it doesn’t affect your to reveal everything at once. Like lottery scratch cards, it doesn’t affect your chances of winning to do one or the other. Your winnings are predetermined merely by what’s on the card — there’s no skillful “Should I scratch this spot or this one?” You’re just revealing what’s already been determined, you just control the order in which your outcome is revealed.

How to win: Winning at scratch cards usually involves revealing multiples of the same symbol on the card, usually at least three. For instance, on scratch cards at All Slots, if you reveal three 1X symbols, you’ll win back your full bet. Three 2X symbols will double your bet, three 10X symbols will pay out 10 times your bet, and three 50X symbols will pay for a lot more scratch cards.

Scratch Cards
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Odds in scratch cards

Scratch cards Vs Slots: By and large, online scratch cards will provide a roughly 94 to 95 percent return on investment. That five or so percent house edge is about what you’ll get with most slot games, so if your choice is between playing online slots and playing scratch cards, don’t let the financial ramifications affect your decision — your odds are roughly the same.

Scratch cards Vs Other games: Scratch cards do lag behind table games like online craps, blackjack, roulette or baccarat, though, especially if players know what they’re doing at those tables. If you’re primarily concerned with building up a bank account, learning those games is probably the way to go. But those games take time to master and may not suit your style as well.

The numbers above are rough averages I’ve found from years of online gambling, but they are’t set in stone. Some sites may adjust the house edge for some games — in particular, Net Entertainment casinos often have slightly more favorable odds on scratches and slots.

Variations of scratch cards

Software provider: Basically every software provider, including Microgaming and NetEnt, provides some scratch cards, but at this point, I think I’m willing to say that PlayTech actually reigns supreme in this realm. What sets PlayTech apart is its focus on spicing up its cards with animations and graphics.

The provider often bases its came on existing popular slots, as well as the occasional blockbuster hit or some other carryover from pop culture. The provider has at least 20 card games to choose from, and you’ll likely be familiar with many of the titles, like Daredevil, Ghost Rider, The Avengers, Spamalot, Captain America, Iron Man 3, Wolverine and the Six Million Dollar Man. it also has favorites among gamblers like Top Trumps Football Legends and Top Trumps Celebs.

Bet amounts: These games vary in a few ways. Some scratch cards have different max and minimum bet amounts and feature different pay outs. Some games also feature more symbols and pay outs for different combinations. Sometimes you have to match three symbols, but sometimes only two. In some cards, the symbols can be anywhere. In others, they have to align, like in Bingo. PlayTech also has a Blackjack Scratch, in which you are presented three hands and the dealer one and you scratch your hands to see if you’ve won — no hitting or standing necessary.


Some of us really enjoy diving into the world of online gambling and learning as much as they possibly can about gameplay strategies and other esoteric elements of casino life. But that’s not for everybody. Simplicity is a beautiful thing, and if that’s your cup of tea, scratch cards may be the way to go. There are no complicated rules to learn, and no tips or tricks you must know to stand apart from the crowd. It’s an equalizing game, one for which experience and beginner’s luck are equally likely to help you win. If you want to keep it simple, time to get scratching.