Progressive Slots

Progressive jackpot slot machines are perhaps the most popular casino game on the web and for good reason. Gambling is all about finding the fast, big payday, and these slots offer just that, with jackpots connected to gamblers around the world to build them at an exceptional rate. In fact, if you’re looking for a six or even seven-digit payoff (i.e. we’re talking millions here!) then progressive slots are the game to play.

For a local twist, we’ll tell you a little more about playing progressive online slots in Canada — where to play and which games to seek out. To see which online casinos offer the best progressive slots now, check out the table below.

Playing Progressive Slots

Playing progressive slots is the same as playing any other slot game. The only difference is, you’ll likely need to make the top bet amount if you want to be eligible for the top prize. How you do that is simple:

1. Select the highest coin value offered.
2. Select all of the paylines and the number of credits to bet per line.
3. Spin the slots and hope for a winning combination!
4. After that, you can either cash-out a newborn millionaire, or keep playing ‘til your jackpot win.

Progressive Slots Tips

A slot is a slot is a slot (machine). That is, no matter whether you’re playing the traditional format or the progressive game, it is 100 percent a matter of luck where the reels will land. However, it’s always good to keep a few guiding principles in mind when making a wager.

To make the most, bet the max: You can only win the maximum jackpot if you bet the maximum bet, and the systems are designed to reward bigger spenders more often. Most progressive slots games also include bonus rounds, so riding a hot streak hard can help turn a quality payday into a massive win.

Select a credit amount you can afford: The longer you play, the more chances you have of winning, so make your money last. Betting the max amount of paylines is more important than betting the max coin size, so players on a budget can save money that way.

Never play on auto-pilot: Slots can be fast-paced and thrilling, but you have to keep an eye on the outcome of each spin.

Keep track of your losses and gains: You don’t want a nasty surprise on your bank statement. So unless you’re a billionaire (and maybe even then) pay attention to your bankroll!

Examples of Progressive Slot Games

Progressive slots have always been popular at land-based casinos, but now they’re better than ever online. Plus, with such a vast pool of players to draw from, their top jackpots build at a far faster rate!

Some of the most popular ones these days include:

Mega Moolah: Microgaming is the king of progressive payouts, and Mega Moolah is its crown jewel. The game regularly ordains more than a dozen new millionaires a year, and is expected to pay out even more money this year as more folks join the fun.
Fantastic Four: Playtech provides the progressive slots game Fantastic Four, offering multi-level bonuses and high payouts with a classic superhero theme. The game is connected to Playtech’s Marvel Mystery Multi-Level Progressive Jackpot, which links all of its Marvel games into one massive progressive jackpot.
Gladiator Jackpot: Based on the award-winning film of the same name, and also powered by Playtech, this is a stunning action-packed slot machine with your chance at a life changing jackpot.
Mobile Progressives: A number of our recommended online casinos now also boast exciting mobile versions of top jackpot slot games, for huge wins on the go.

The Biggest Winners

The biggest payout ever garnered by an online slot machine occurred in Finland in 2013, when a user by the name of “Peter” pulled in $23-million in one spin of a progressive jackpot. In October of 2015,
Jon Heywood of the UK won $20,062,600 playing Mega Moolah at one of our most highly recommended casinos, Betway. Will you be next?

Where Are the Best Jackpots?

Microgaming has established itself as the king of the progressive slot in Canada, mostly because it supports Mega Moolah, though its the Dark Knight slot is also a huge draw. Popular Microgaming casinos you should check out include Betway and Royal Vegas. If you want Marvel superhero progressive wins, then Playtech casinos like Winner or are the way to go.


At Online Casinos Canada we offer prospective players the chance to learn more about the games and casinos where they’re mostly likely to experience a big jackpot payout. To that end, our casino reviews all include information on progressive slots. So to find out more about the offerings at all of Canada’s top online casinos, feel free to consult our list of recommended gambling halls and read our extensive reviews.