Grand National 2017

The Grand National race provides a full spectrum of entertainment unlike any other gambling event. They call it the “ultimate test of horse and rider”, and spectators can bet on the world’s best horses, jockeys, and trainers as they compete against each other in one of the most challenging races in the industry.

Considered the most valuable race in Europe, gamblers have the opportunity to winning tons of money betting on the Grand National. The exciting race generates over millions in prizes and betting. Some say that a quarter of the UK population alone place bets on the race. With so much money in circulation, this event gives punters an especially lucrative opportunity to win loads of cash.

You don’t have to live in the UK or go to the races to get in on the action. Online sports betting sites allow gamblers across the globe follow the race and place bets. These sites feature all you need to participate in the action and get the opportunity to cash in on Grand National betting. Online sports betting sites and apps give you all of the latest updates right at your fingertips. Features like rider stats and news updates give you an edge so you can make smarter bets with a better chance of winning.

For our gamblers in Canada, you can find great opportunities to place bets on the Grand National races right from your computer, smartphone, or tablet device with online betting sites. Canadian sports betting sites like Sports Interaction, SportingBet, 888Sports, Betway, Guts, and Bet365 Sports have all you need to learn about the competitors, review statistics, manage bets, and get results. You can take a look at the different sites available in Canada in our chart below.

Bet on Grand National 2017

An Introduction to Grand National Races

Held annually in the spring at the Aintree Racecourse near Liverpool, England, The Grand National horse race dates all the way back to 1839. The longstanding tradition continues to attract spectators from the UK and all throughout the world looking to place bets on their favorite horses… and win lots of money, of course.

The race itself features a handicap steeplechase over 4 miles 514 yards with horses jumping 30 fences over two laps. The course consists of two laps of 16 fences, with the first 14 jumped twice. Fences in the race are larger than those typically found at a conventional horse race, adding to the excitement of the event. For that reason, the race has earned the title of “the ultimate test of horse and rider.” Even those who normally do not bet on races will put their money on the line for this exciting event.

Why the Grand National Races?

They call it the most valuable European horse race. In the UK alone, nearly a quarter of the entire country participates in the event. That alone should give you an idea of how much money you could win betting on this race. Not only that, but the Grand National represents one of the most challenging horse races in the world. The racetrack has higher fences than normal. That means you will see the best of the best compete in the Grand National race.

For Canadian gamblers, who might not be able to go to the horse races themselves, they can conveniently follow and bet on the race from where they live outside of the UK. Online sports betting sites provide live updates leading up to and during the race. From the same platform, you can manage all of your bets, find out statistics, watch the races, and learn the results as they come in. It’s the perfect combination of gambling and entertainment.

Grand National Bets

Before placing bets, you want to make sure you know each kind of bet. If you’re new to racing, a basic guide will help you get started and answer some of your most important questions. At the Grand National, you’ll have your choices of bets like win betting, each-way betting, place betting, and more.

Of course, we can’t talk about horse betting without mentioned free bets offered to Canadian players by the online sports betting sites. Often, these websites will try to attract new members or promote big events like the Grand National by hosting free bets. In this way, punters can bet on horses without risking their own money.

Our chart below highlights some of the best places to find free bets and more special offers available leading up to and during the Grand National race. You can follow our charts or sign up for newsletters in order to keep track of the latest and best Grand National promos.

Experience the excitement of Europe’s most valuable horse race, the Grand National. Sign up for online gambling sites in Canada, and you could be one of the lucky winners betting on your favorite horse. With an opportunity to win millions, the Grand National stands out as the perfect way to bet on the best horses as they race to the finish.