Whichever casino you choose – LeoVegas, Jackpotcity or any other – you’re likely to be wowed by all of the available banking options, from credit and debit cards to e-wallets, bank transfer services and more.  While all these payment methods have their benefits, Canadian casino players prefer using eCheck for it’s simplicity and ease of use.

Top 7 Canada eCheck Deposit Casinos

Check out our range of popular eCheck casinos below for making deposits and withdrawals with eCheck, so get signing up and depositing today!

What is eCheck?

A shortened form for ‘electronic check’ (or ‘cheque’, for us in the True North), making deposits with eChecks is just as simple and straightforward as writing a regular, paper cheque – with the tiny twist that the whole process is done online, complete with a digital signature. To use eChecks at an online casino, you need to ask your bank to get you signed up.

Just like a paper check, the eCheck draws money directly from your bank account and can be tracked in much the same way that standard checks are.

How to Sign Up for an eCheck Casino Account

To get up and running and be able to fund your account at casinos like Royal Vegas with an eCheck you just need to link your bank account to your casino account, after enabling the tool at your bank.

To see how it works, have a look at this tutorial video on eCheck payment processes.

Depositing with eCheck at Online Casinos

Here’s how you connect your casino account to your eCheck account:

  • Choose eCheck as your selected banking method on the cashier’s page of the casino. When signing up at a casino (such as Spin Palace) you’ll find this choice in a dropdown list on the payments page or at the cashier.
  • Enter your account details, which will need to be specific, and will likely appear at the bottom of your paper cheque. You’ll need: ○ Your routing number, ○ Account number, ○ The number of the cheque being used.

If the cheque number is also needed, remember to make it void in your paper cheque book. And, you shouldn’t be worried about including this information – online casinos are highly secure when it comes to protecting your personal details.

  • Enter the amount you’d like to deposit. Click ‘submit’ or ‘enter’ when you’re ready.
  • Wait for your transaction to be approved – this usually takes about 2-5 business days, and works similarly to how a bank would process your paper cheque: they need to authorize your payment and process it. The process time also depends on the bank in question, and whether you have enough funds cleared in your account.

Just like other deposit methods, you need to verify your account with ID, which could be your driver’s license, a utility bill or credit card (or any proof of your account number) to prevent any fraud from occurring. Once your account is verified, your deposit will be approved by your selected casino. If everything is as it should be, your deposit will appear in your online casino account.

Withdrawing with eCheck at Online Casinos

This process is very similar to making your deposit at the casino.

  • Go to the cashier or withdrawals page,
  • Choose ‘Withdrawal’
  • Choose ‘eCheck’,
  • Select your amount and click ‘Submit’ or ‘Enter’.

You will likely have to wait a little while for the casino to authorize your withdrawal. How long you wait for the money to arrive in your account depends on your bank. But, it shouldn’t take more than 2-5 working days to clear.

Benefits of Paying with eCheck

Everything is about convenience when playing at online casinos, and when you use eCheck as your banking method, everything is easy and quick, so you can get playing ASAP! With other banking methods you may have to sign up for third-party and extra services, but with eCheck casinos, you just set up your account and you can start making deposits right away!

Those aren’t the only benefits either:

  • Limitless: Enjoy an unlimited number of transactions,
  • Cheap: eChecks have lower transaction fees and processing fees than credit and debit cards,
  • Speed: eChecks have faster processing times than credit, debit card and paper cheque transactions.
  • Stand-Alone: You don’t need to have a credit or debit card to use eCheck,
  • Convenient: Your payment transactions with eCheck can be cancelled up to 60 days after issue, just by notifying your bank of your wish to cancel the transaction. 

More Vital Information

There a few things to keep in mind if you are sold on using eChecks:

  • Transaction processing can take between 2 – 5 working days,
  • If you don’t have the necessary funds to use, your eCheck – just like a real cheque – can bounce,
  • As we mentioned above, not all online casinos are eCheck casinos – but the ones we’ve highlighted in the table above certainly accept eCheck as a banking method!

Canada Online Casinos that Accept eCheck

eChecks are growing in popularity, and they are more than likely to be accepted by a few online casinos. Some casinos even go a step further, encouraging players to use eCheck as a banking method, offering extra bonuses for players using it (on top of the usual full welcome bonus package). Our in-depth casino reviews include a full list of accepted banking methods.

Additional Tips About eCheck

Yes, it’s a straightforward way to deposit and withdraw your winnings, but there are still a few tips we’d like to give you about using eCheck casinos and eChecks in general:

  • Always check your account limits: When you apply for your eCheck account, your bank account and funds will be assessed, and you will be given a sending limit based on this. Included will be a monthly limit and a per-transaction limit. 
  • Protect your password: Your eCheck account is linked to your bank account and some very sensitive financial information. Just like with other sensitive personal information, keep your password and login details safe and secure. 
  • Be patientRemember, this is eCheck, not eWallet banking – your payments will not be processed instantly. 


Final Thoughts

eChecks are a great way to make deposits and withdrawals when playing at online casinos. They’re among the most secure methods of banking and depositing online. Best of all, eChecks are available in CAD, meaning they’re incredibly Canadian-friendlyAll you need is a few minutes and to set up your online cheque book!

FAQ about eCheck in Canada

How do eChecks differ from other online deposit methods?

eChecks are linked directly to your bank account, unlike credit and debit cards. Therefore, if you don't have enough funds to cover your eCheck payment, your payment won't go through.

Do I have to pay a fee if my eCheck bounces?

Unfortunately, yes, your bank will charge you a fee for processing. A good way to prevent this is by making sure you're up to date with your bank account and limit, to prevent bouncing eChecks.

How long does it take for transactions to clear?

Between 2-5 working days, but this could also be affected by your bank itself, as well as your chosen online casino.

Are eChecks safe to use?

Completely! They’re linked to your bank account, so have the same level of security as that of your online banking. In addition to the SSL encryption technology used by online casinos, you can be certain that your money is securely transferred from your bank to your casino account.

Are there any extra bonuses for using eChecks at an online casino?

Yes! See our list at the top of the page for casinos offering bonuses for banking with eCheck.

What if I have a problem?

For support-related issues, contact your bank for everything to do with eChecks.

Are there other, similar payment methods?

The most similar type of banking method would be credit card transfers or direct bank transfer, but be warned: these usually come with higher transaction fees.