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Instadebit Online Casinos

Instadebit transactions lets you make safe and secure deposits and withdrawals at your favourite online casinos.  Luckily, Canada has many Instadebit casinos because the gaming halls know it’s a preferred method in the True North. Here at Online Casinos Canada, we’ve reviewed some of the top options available to Canadian players. If you want more specifics on the best casinos accepting Instadebit, or would like to start playing and receive the Instadebit bonus that some casinos offer.

Advantages of Using Instadebit

One of the most popular e-wallet services, Instadebit is the digital equivalent of a traditional debit card, meaning that it executes transactions between a user’s bank account and the online casino directly. Following are Instadebit’s main advantages:

Secure Transactions: Security and ease-of-use are the two most important factors to weigh when choosing a banking method. With an Instadebit casino, Canadian gamblers can rest assured that their transactions process efficiently. As one of Canada’s most popular banking methods, Instadebit provides reliable deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. The service is free and secure — Instadebit doesn’t share any account information with the casinos, minimizing the risk of hackers or other parties gaining access to a player’s info.

Casino Oriented: Instadebit specializes in providing a banking option for gamblers at online casinos, meaning the brand offers one of the most streamlined processes when it comes to withdrawals and deposits at Canadian online casinos. The e-wallet has a history of successful partnerships with just about every major casino available in Canada.

Setting up your Instadebit Account

One of the great things about Instadebit is just how easy it is to set up your account. Here we’re going to talk you through it step by step. It’s worth remembering that if you run into any issues when you’re doing it then there’s online chat support with friendly staff who will be able to answer questions and give advice.


Step 1: Go to the Instadebit website, available at and click on the Sign-Up button. This will take you to a screen where you will be able to start the process.

Step 2: You’ll have two options now, to log in or sign up. You can’t log in because you’re not registered yet, so click the Sign-Up button and, once you’ve also ticked the box to prove you’re not a robot, you’ll be taken to the next stage.

Step 3: Enter your personal details. Instadebit will need to know your name and address as well as your date of birth. These are essential pieces of information as they are both how you will be identified and as a security measure. They will also need to know the last four digits of your Social Insurance Number. This is an additional security measure and makes sure this combination of information will be totally unique to you.

Step 4: Set your password. This is a very important step because it will protect your Instadebit account from other people being able to access it. The secret is to make it complicated enough that others can’t guess it but easy for you to remember. Never fall into the mistake of just making it something like “password” or other including part of your name in it. Choose something that’s memorable just to you and remember to include special characters like @ or $ as well as some numbers.

Step 5: Provide Instadebit with your bank details. They will need to know three key parts of information. First up, your bank transit number is five digits long. Then you’ll have to also input the financial institution number, which is a three-digit number. Finally, give your personal account number which can be up to 12 digits long. There are a number of places you’ll find this information, for example on a bank statement or on one of your personal checks. Alternatively, you can ask your bank who will be able to tell you.

Step 6: Instadebit will send a small deposit to your account – no more than a couple of dollars. This is to check that they have the right bank details for you. Then you just need to let them know that it’s been received and confirm its amount. When Instadebit receives this information, they’ll set you an account limit and you’ll be ready to go.

Making Bankroll Deposits with Instadebit

Depositing with Instadebit is one of the most hassle-free banking options available to Canadian players. Players don’t even need to have an account before making Instadebit casino deposits. For instance, at Spin Palace, players can register with Instadebit and complete their transactions in the same step. This allows you to avoid waiting periods that might slow the deposit process using other methods. When you use Instadebit, merchants never gain access to your private financial or account information, adding an extra layer of security. Players also avoid fees that might come from other transaction types, like transferring directly to and from a bank account. The great thing is that, just like the name says, the deposit is instant – in fact, it’s an Instadebit so no waiting for funds to clear. You can get on and start playing on your choice of Instadebit casino straight away.

Let’s take Spin Palace as a casino because this is one of the most popular casinos to welcome Instadebit as one of its preferred payment methods. Players can make deposits at Spin Palace in four easy steps:

  1. Select “Deposit’ from the casino bank
  2. Choose Instadebit as your deposit method
  3. If you already have an Instadebit login, enter that info. If not, complete the sign-up process as we described above
  4. Approve the deposit.

Plus there’s another very good reason to choose it. At Spin Palace, Canadian players receive an automatic bonus of 10% to 20% for each Instadebit deposit. The casino does institute a $20 minimum for each deposit.

Making Bankroll Withdrawals with Instadebit

Most Canadian casinos which accept Instadebit will allow you to perform withdrawals using the same payment method. The procedure for Instadebit casino withdrawals is not unlike that of other payment processors. For example, Platinum play players need to do the following to withdraw their winnings:

  1. From the Bank page, select “Withdrawal”
  2. Select “Instadebit” as your preferred method
  3. Withdrawal requests require a 24-hour processing window

Once that 24-hour window has passed, there is an eight-day waiting period for Instadebit withdrawals. When the transaction does process, the funds will be placed directly in the bank account you’ve registered with Instadebit. You’ll find these deposits clearly marked so you’ll know exactly where they’ve come from, even if you have been waiting for a few days for them to arrive.


Tips for Instadebit and Instadebit casinos

One of the biggest benefits of using Instadebit is that it’s extra secure for you in some very important ways. For example, because the casinos will only ever have information about your Instadebit account it will keep your bank account details completely secret from them. So you can have the peace of mind that this information is 100% secure.

You’ll also find that Instadebit is an incredibly secure way to handle transactions because the brand operates some of the most effective fraud prevention techniques there are. But remember that you need to do your bit too by always keeping your account information and password safe. That’s because even though they do take every step to verify that you are who you say you are if someone else did get access to these details then there is a possibility that they could get into your account.

As far as Instadebit casinos go, it really is worth looking out for these as we’ve already mentioned, many do offer special bonuses for transactions made using the payment method so you’ll be getting even more for your money than if you just used your bank account directly or any of the other payment methods available.

Instadebit vs Other Casino Payment Methods

There are two great reasons why Instadebit’s a great choice of payment method. First, it’s specifically for Canadian casino fans and, second, it’s a specifically casino-friendly system. Sure, there are lots of other methods of making deposits and withdrawals and some might even be better for you. So let’s take a look at a few of the alternatives and how they compare. Direct from your bank account using a debit card This might seem like quite a good choice. After all, why add another stage into the process? But the main benefit of Instadebit here is that it protects your personal bank information from the casino as well as any hackers who might want to get their hands on that information. Plus, because Instadebit applies an account limit, it can help you budget more efficiently.

  • Credit cards Lots of us use credit cards because they’re a convenient way to pay for all sorts of things online. But there are two drawbacks to them that you won’t get with Instadebit. The first is that you have to remember to make a payment to your card provider every month, while with Instadebit payments are automatic. Plus, if you don’t clear your credit card balance monthly you’re going to be charged interest and that can soon mount up. So Instadebit certainly wins out here.
  • Paypal is certainly one of the most popular ways to pay online and is pretty similar to Instadebit in the way it works – plus literally millions of retailers and private sellers rely on it as a payment method. But unlike Instadebit, it’s an international system. So if you want to stick to an all-Canadian solution, again your best bet is Instadebit.
  • Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies This relatively new kind of payment method are certainly getting more and more popular with an increasing number of casinos starting to welcome it. On the plus side, it’s very secure and you remain anonymous when using any cryptocurrency. But on the minus side, the value of them can rise and fall. Great if you take your winnings and they start to increase in value. Not so great if the opposite happens.

FAQ about Instadebit casinos in Canada

Who can use Instadebit?

All Canadian residents with an account at a Canadian bank can use Instadebit. You must be at least 18 years old and will need to tell them your date of birth and the last 4 digits of your Social Insurance Number (SIN) to confirm your identity and protect your payments.

Do I need an Instadebit account?

Yes you do, but this is easy to set up as soon as you need to start using it.

How do I get an account?

You can sign up as part of your first transaction, or you can register first by visiting the Instadebit website.

Why do they need my date of birth?

This is used to confirm your identity, as well as prevent to make sure you’re over the age of 18.

What bank account information do I need to provide?

Your 5-digit bank transit number, your 3-digit financial institution number and your account number. You’ll find these on your personal cheques, or you can request this information from your bank.

How do I increase my spending limit?

You are given a temporary transaction limit when you create an account, and once you verify your bank account, this will be increased.

Where can I see my Instadebit transactions?

You can view your transaction history by logging on to the Instadebit website once you’ve started using your account.

How much does using Instadebit cost?

Creating an account is free and there’s a $1.95 CAD charge to make a payment from your bank account. There is no charge to make payments from your Instadebit Balance Account. There is a certain charge to withdraw funds from your Balance Account to your bank account.

Can I register two different bank accounts?

No. You are only permitted to register one bank account with Instadebit.