Publish: 29.08.2017

2 More Canadians Hit Progressive Jackpots This Summer

This time, it took exactly one week for a new record payout to be won.

Online Casinos Canada will be sorry to see the summer of 2017 wind down. It’s truly been an epic few months for online casino players worldwide, with gigantic progressive slots jackpots being hit over and over again to the tune of six and seven-figure scores:

Luckily, there are still a few weeks left in this season of jackpots to remember. And we’re happy to report that two more of Canada’s own have hit for record breaking sums of life changing money:

$1,000,000 Score on Espacejeux

Espacejeux, an online casino owned and operated by Société des casinos, a subdivision of Loto-Quebec, recently paid out a $1,000,000 jackpot to a brand new Canadian millionaire.

The big win occurred on the popular Crown of Egypt game, and was the largest jackpot to ever be paid out by the site. And we choose the past tense “was” deliberately, because if this summer has taught us anything, it’s that online slots jackpots records were certainly made to be broken.

Espacejeux Pays Out $1.2m Just One Week Later

This time, it took exactly one week for a new record payout to be won. The $1,000,000 win happened on July 17; by July 24 it was already the second biggest online casino win ever on Espacejeux, bested by a $1,222,069 score on the same Crown of Egypt game.

It’s unclear how two huge scores so close to one another was possible, which is why we are chalking it up to another instance of the magic that seems to be on players’ reels worldwide all season long.

Still A Few Weeks Left In The Summer

As September approaches, it’s easy to feel like the summer has passed. The days are getting shorter, the nights longer, the air colder. But don’t be complacent; this summer has been one to remember for online casino players worldwide, with dozens of huge jackpot scores being paid out. And while it might be in its waning days, it’s not over just yet.

As Canadians around the country begin to head indoors with the coming of winter, make sure to keep those huge online jackpots in the forefront of your mind. You never know if you will be the last one to get in on the action and catch lightening in a bottle while this summer’s magic lasts.