Publish: 14.12.2017

Astra Games & E-Systems Renew Their Partnership

While this may seem like it is easy, that couldn’t be farther from the truth

Astra Games, a division of the Novomatic Corporation that owns the rights to the Ainsworth Gaming Technology, has signed a new partnership agreement with E-Systems, the company announced in a statement.

The deal will see E-Systems provide some of Ainsworth’s most popular and well-known online slot machines to third party European market product offerings, and comes on the heels of a significant restricting of Ainsworth’s European properties.

“We are pleased to sign this new agreement for E-Systems to continue delivering Ainsworth products into key markets in Europe,” said Phil Burke, Director of Export for Astra Games and Ainsworth. “This partnership has been successful over the past years and we look forward to gaining more market share as the Ainsworth product portfolio develops for the European markets.”

E-Systems Makes Big Under The Radar Impact

Much of the focus in the online casino industry is paid to the big players in the game producing and development world. But once the games are made, specialized companies are needed in order to get them to market in a way that is both efficient and profitable for everyone involved.

While this may seem like it is easy, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Distribution is complex and requires solid relationships with good companies. For E-Systems, they found both of those things with Ainsworth.

“I’m excited to continue the distribution of Ainsworth gaming machines. We’ve been a distributor of the Ainsworth brand for 12 years, [and] we are convinced that the new generation of Ainsworth gaming machines will be a great addition to all our customers’ product portfolios and that we can build on the success of the past,” said E-Systems General Manager Emilia Tomachinska.

Ultimately, this latest deal is just another example of how the Novomatic brand — which operates omni-channel online casino products and properties in more than 70 countries around the world — continues to maintain its reputation as one of the true behemoths of the industry.