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Casino Security Breach Leads to Multiple Lawsuits

“(Casino Rama) did not have reasonable security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access to records of personal information.”

We all know that the world of casino gaming is one that has come a long way in recent times. In fact, the Canadian gambling industry is one of the most lucrative in the country, and this continues to be the case. Now, despite how popular gambling has become in Canada, it is clear that this is an industry that is not without its issues. Security issues are rife when it comes to dealing with casino gaming, and this is something a lot of people are concerned about.

There is no denying that provincial economies have been boosted by the different gambling deals and projects that have developed. This is certainly something is important for Canada as a whole, but there are also plenty of security risks that are involved in this as well. Much of Canada has been battling against problem gambling and money laundering in the past couple of years, with authorities struggling with money laundering convictions. This has led to all kinds of issues, but, there are also problems with security breaches too.

For instance, a cyber attack on the popular Casino Rama is thought to have affected around 200,000 people. The cyber attack, which took place in 2016, recently spawned a C$60 million lawsuit, and could have seriously negative ramifications for the future. How many more casinos are at risk from cyber crime, and what does this mean for online gambling as well?

Casino Security Breach Leads to Multiple Lawsuits-online-casinos-canada.ca

As we have become more reliant on technology, this has given rise to much more cyber crime, and even land-based casinos are being affected. In the case of Casino Rama, the issue is that personal details and information were compromised as a direct result of the breach. As a modern business, this can be one of the most harmful things to happen moving forward. And this is why this is such a big concern for Casino Rama as a business.

That’s not all though; the casino is also in dispute about the number of plaintiffs affected by this personal information hack. The lawsuit claims that 200,000 people had their data compromised following the attack, while Casino Rama claims the genuine number is around 11,000. A report surrounding the issue claimed that, “(Casino Rama) did not have reasonable security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access to records of personal information.” However, the casino themselves claim this is just one of those things that is a risk in the digital age. They also claim they sent notices of the attack to tens of thousands of customers, as a courtesy, rather than because they had definitely been affected.

However, it seems that, regardless of the action Casino Rama took, this is a casino security breach that is leading to class action, and a decision is expected by May. The outcome of this lawsuit could have far-reaching ramifications for the future of the industry, and could well set a precedent for future examples of this, and for any potential data breaches that other businesses might experience.

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