Publish: 12.06.2018

Microgaming Unleashes Wild Scarabs onto the World

Microgaming’s on to yet another winner with their release of Wild Scarabs
Wild Scrabs by Microgaming

If there’s one thing that we know, it’s that the Ancient Egypt theme is very popular. Gameplay is important, but it’s the theme and art that gets clicks at online casinos. Microgaming has released the latest game Ancient Egypt theme. Wild Scarabs fully embraces the theme that’s so popular in Canada. But, it is also filled with incredible gameplay features.

Microgaming casinos are already among the best and most popular in Canada. The new game will up their standings even more. Given the theme, features and developer, there’s no doubt that Wild Scarabs will be incredibly popular.

Experience the might of Wild Scarabs

Wild scrabsWild Scarabs is played on five reels and three rows. It features 243 paylines, which players in Canada are huge fans of. Microgaming’s latest creation is filled with exciting features that bring the scarabs to life. The scarabs are the game’s wilds, but they do so much more than the traditional wild. If one lands on reel three, many more scarabs will fly off and land on the reels.

You can also make use of non-winning scarabs. When scarabs land on the reels and don’t yield a winning line, they’re stashed. When three or more wild symbols have been stashed, they’re unleashed onto the reels. Along with the wild features, there are also scatter symbols that trigger free spins.

Wild Scarabs isn’t just about the scarabs, though. Ancient Egypt flows through the game. The background is that of Ancient Egypt. The game also features many iconic symbols. These include the gods Anubis and Horus, as well as the Eye of Horus.

Games Publisher at Microgaming David Reynolds thinks a lot of Wild Scarabs. Reynolds says that it’s a stunning game with two exciting wild features. The rich colours and incredible graphics bring the game to life. He says that the game transports players back in time to Ancient Egypt.

Huge summer releases from Microgaming

It wasn’t long ago that we informed our readers of Microgaming’s novel new game. Poke the Guy is an ingenious online casino game. It involves players hurling items at a giant that’s intent on destroying the city. With each hit, the player wins more prizes. Its customization options and skill-based gameplay ensures that it’ll be a popular game for a long time.

Wild Scarabs sees Microgaming release a slot game that can contend with other summer releases. This summer, it’s all about the World Cup, and game developers know it. Many World Cup-themed games have been released recently. But, Wild Scarabs can certainly contend with them over the summer months and beyond.

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