Publish: 20.11.2017

NetEnt Mobile Standard Blackjack Launches

The game is a “mobile first” version of the classic Blackjack game that is designed to maximize the use of live casino technology.

netent casinoNetEnt, a leader in the development of mobile and live online casino games, announced the release of its newest mobile title “Mobile Standard Blackjack”, the company said in a statement to its corporate website.

The game is a “mobile first” version of the classic Blackjack game that is designed to maximize the use of live casino technology. The goal is to have as little drop-off in player experience as possible when porting the game over to the small screen from its desktop version.

“We are now extending our mobile live casino portfolio and are very excited with the results. Our mission is to develop the player’s favorite mobile live casino, together with our customers,” said Henrik Fagerlund, NetEnt’s Chief Product Officer.

Use of Touch Screen Key

In the statement, NetEnt stressed the use of the mobile touch screen as one of the critical factors in creating a mobile game that keeps the “feel” of Blackjack gameplay. The “unique touch-point table setup” is designed to be not only easy to use, but also duplicate the sense of sitting at a live table.

In addition, the game is designed to make following the action easier, so that players can easily use the winning strategies they know in the live venue when playing online as well. This feature was one of many added into the game following extensive player feedback about what a modern mobile Blackjack game needs.

“Our team has designed the game based on insights from real players, their needs and demands,” Fagerlund said.

The Future Is Now

What makes the launch of Mobile Standard Blackjack so exciting is that it is another effort in the movement to completely erase the distinction between live and mobile casino gaming. As technology becomes more and more powerful, the online casino community can expect to see greater and greater innovation being used to blur that line more and more.

While Mobile Standard Blackjack may not be exactly like sitting at a favorite Blackjack table right now, it certainly already does more than enough to capture the hearts and imaginations of online casino players all around the world.

“Players can now enjoy this game like never before, and we’re sure that with our custom-built and optimized features, Mobile Standard Blackjack will be a successful addition to our customer’s live casino offerings with unique opportunities to strengthen every customer’s exclusive brand,” Fagerlund said.