Publish: 02.08.2017

New Sugar Parade Is Both Sweet & Satisfying

You will love Sugar Parade for the simple, yet classic, experience and action that it provides.

The only thing better than indulging your sweet tooth is doing it while winning huge online slots jackpots. And with the new Sugar Parade slot from Microgaming, you won’t have to feel guilty about gorging yourself on the classic gameplay and action.

Like a Slots Player In a Candy Store

It’s really not recommended that you play Sugar Parade if you are on a diet. The game board is filled with all kinds of wonderful treats and goodies that are jam packed with enough sugar to leave you drooling all over yourself:

Basically, it’s a magical world where everything is made out of candy. Echoing the happiness your inner child will experience is the bright palate of colors and cartoonish graphics, all set to a fun and light soundtrack that will make you feel like a kid in a candy store all over again.

Simple But Fun Gameplay

Given the simplistic theme, its little wonder the gameplay is less complicated than what you will find at other slots games. However, there is still good value here for players, including two specific features designed to help you win big.

The first is that getting three or more scatter symbols will trigger a free spins bonus round. This gets you ten bites at the 3x multiplier candy apple to start. If you can get three more scatters during this bonus round, you’ll get another ten free spins.

There is also a “pick ‘em” feature that is unlocked by getting at least three bonus symbols on your reels. You can use them to pick from 12 different balloons hiding big winnings.

A Fun Change of Pace

Microgaming has been coming out with a lot of high action, intensely visual, modern slot machines recently. Most of these titles are centered around a sensory overload that makes use of all the latest graphics and techniques. And for a lot of players, that’s what they are looking for.

But it’s no secret that for other players, this bombardment can take away from the joys of playing a slot machine. If you are one of them, then you will love Sugar Parade for the simple, yet classic, experience and action that it provides. Indulging your inner child was never so fun.