Publish: 15.08.2017

PokerStars Launches New “Spin & Go Max” Format

Everyone will be forced to continually go “all-in” until a single winner is declared.

SpinMax1The “Spin & Go” online poker format recently introduced by PokerStars – which pits three opponents against one another in a single table sit ’n go offering prizes as high as seven-figures – has proven to be popular amongst players.

Now, the company – which is owned by Toronto based Amaya Gaming – has come out with a new version of the game entitled “Spin & Go Max” that is poised to increase jackpots even further:

Changes Include Forcing “All-In” Situations

The format brings a number of changes to the Spin & Go format, including the number of players involved and key aspects of gameplay.

For starters, the amount of seats at the table has been completely randomized, with anywhere from 3-8 opponents being sat for the game. Then, once the game gets going, players will only have a certain number of hands to play. When that number is finally reached, everyone will be forced to continually go “all-in” until a single winner is declared.

Win Up to 10,000x the Buy-In

Even more intriguing is the fact that the prize to be won is also kept a secret until a winner is declared. This done by revealing the total prize pool before the start of play, but offering winners three “facedown” prize options to pick from at the end. Top and bottom prize values will be revealed, but there is no way of knowing which one will awarded until after the selection is made.

The max prize available for any game is $10,000x the buy-in. Games can be played for $1, $3, $7, or $15, making the biggest potential randomized prize $150,000.

One of Many New Formats

The Amaya owned PokerStars has been introducing a lot of changes to the brand in recent years. Many of these revolve around new game types such as Spin & Go Max.

So far, many of these new innovative games have been earning strong profits for the company. Given that fact, it’s expected that this new format will continue the trend of introducing these increasingly high-variance games that players love.