Publish: 04.09.2018

Progressive Jackpots Finally Find Their Way to GameArt Slots

The progressive jackpot system offers gamblers a wonderful chance to scoop some truly exceptional prizes, and this is proving to be very popular with players
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At some point last year, popular software developer GameArt released a slew of new and exciting slots games. Launching a selection of local and global jackpot games, the company has tapped into a popular market in the Canadian online gambling industry. 2017 saw GameArt add around 32 slots to its portfolio, including Dragon King, Wild Dolphin, and Lady Luck. The games were accessible via mobile and desktop and became very popular.

However, there was something missing, something that felt incomplete with these slots games. And for many people, it was obvious what this was – the progressive jackpot function. A jackpot is the total amount you can win from gambling on a slot. Whereas a progressive jackpot is one that increases with every player and every amount of money that is paid into the game where there is no win. The amount continues to build until some lucky player finally scoops the jackpot.

GameArt began their progressive jackpot program earlier this year, and have focused on what they can do to enhance their existing slots games. The progressive jackpot system offers gamblers a wonderful chance to scoop some truly exceptional prizes, and this is proving to be very popular with players. Indeed, GameArt CEO Maja Lozej highlighted the appeal of their games, “Players can choose local or global progressive jackpots via the gaming list…”

Mobile punters in Canada will be grinning from ear to ear because they will have the same chance to scoop these wonderful jackpots as if they were playing on a desktop computer. With cutting-edge software and wonderfully designed games, it is no wonder GameArt slots are proving to be so popular all across the country. There is no question that the addition of the progressive jackpots is going to heighten popularity even further.

This development could result in even more growth for online casinos, and may well see further decline for land-based casinos across Canada. But it’s unlikely gamblers are going to care about this, assuming they are able to get the best out of the games they are offered.

With an array of different summer slots releases by several gaming giants this summer, it was clearly important for GameArt to fight back and try to achieve market share once more. This is a sensible move to try to secure more interest from players, and attract more people to the games. GameArt has done well to boost its appeal with its progressive jackpot program, and this could become much more widespread in the future.

Slots are the bread and butter of all casinos, and they rank as the most popular casino games among players. But there are certain types of slots that are more appealing than others, and this is where progressive jackpot slots come in useful. They can play a big role in the process of improving and enhancing the slot experience, not to mention giving players a much greater chance of scooping big money in the process.