Publish: 11.08.2017

Rich Casino Overhauls Its Game Offerings

The major change comes in the form of an additional 200+ games that will be added to its library.

RichCasinoBodyOnline players have been enjoying the excellent game selection, customer support, and overall look and feel of Rich Casino for many years.

But in a competitive market like online casino gaming, operators who aren’t continually searching to improve and offer better experiences to players will be quickly left behind.

That’s why it came as little surprise that the site recently announced it would be going the extra mile to up its game and bring players even more action in the future:

Huge New Selection of Games

The major change comes in the form of an additional 200+ games that will be added to its library. The titles will come from all of the most well known, trusted, and loved online casino developers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, and Habanero.

Combined, these three developers alone account for many of the most played online casino slots such as Mega Moolah, Immortal Romance, and Hall of the Gods. But Rich Casino will be adding some lesser known but solid offerings like 7 Monkeys and Charms & Lovers as well.

Crypto Currency Banking Options

In addition to the new games, the site is also modernizing its payment and banking options. Most notably amongst the changes is the addition of Bitcoin as a payment option.

This is a great development, as crypto currency use amongst online casino players has been on the rise in recent months. Offering this method of withdrawing cash after a big score will definitely help to capture a certain segment of the online casino community that the site has currently been missing out on.

Moving Into the Future

Rich Casino was already considered to be one of the top online casinos worldwide. Seeing it committed to improving is welcome but not surprising. These changes ensure that as online casino continues to mature, it will be in a great position to continue offering top notch games, payment options, and overall experiences for many years to come.