Publish: 10.10.2017

Scientific Games Corporation Takes Over Tech Art

Another takeover takes place in online gaming industry

The renowned gambling technology supplier, Scientific Games Corporation, has decided on expanding its enterprise and boosting its business by taking over Tech Art Inc casino equipment supplier.

SGC cites that the whole undertaking is aimed at the improvement of the company’s safety measures, whereas the agreed sum is yet to be disclosed.

What is Tech Art All About?

Tech Art Incorporated achieved recognition by devising the MAXTime blackjack reading device, a mechanism utilized by various casino suppliers to enhance safety when dealing cards in blackjack. On top of that, the company is a fully authorized provider of gambling equipment for the whole of the United States, with Cell Tech, Super Fun 21 and Bet the Bust some of their other popular products.

Scientific Games Corporation (SGC) intends to buy all the patents that Tech Art was credited for, as well as market the MAXTime 4H brand internationally, using the SGC distribution tools. In such a way, the worldwide casinos will be able to improve playing speed and also keep the safety of blackjack games at the highest possible level.

In addition, SGC has announced that it had authorized as much as $350,000,000 senior secured notes with the entire net proceedings being employed towards the acquisition of NYX Gaming, the well-established platform supplier. The aforementioned acquisition of the online casino technology provider is worth $630 million.