Publish: 26.01.2018

UnikoinGold Cryptocurrency Now Traded On Okex

The news of the new listing comes on the heels of ever increasing crypto adoption within the eSports world.

UnikoinGold (UKG), a successful online cryptocurrency that undertook its ICO in October of 2017, will now be traded on cryptocurrency exchange Okex, the company stated via a statement and a post to CEO Rahul Sood’s Medium account.

The coin, which claims to be used in more than 100 countries around the globe, is continuing its record streak of expansion and visibility. Okex is a popular and well known exchange in the crypto world, and a perfect place for UKG to go as it seeks to gain an even larger global footprint.

“Across Asia, Europe and North America, interested users now have the best options available in their regions to access UnikoinGold…[Our] team takes pride in working alongside exchanges we’ve vetted, and OKex is clearly among the best in the world,” Sood said in the post.

ESports Tokens Gaining Momentum

The news of the new listing comes on the heels of ever increasing crypto adoption within the eSports world and a similar trend in the online casino world. Five years ago, barely any Canadian online casino players would have said they did their banking with operators via cryptocurrencies.

Today, that equation has been flipped on its head. More and more Canadians, as well as their fellow players worldwide, see coins like UKG as an option. Most of that change comes from the increased legitimacy that virtual currencies now enjoy.

The importance of trust to the success of these types of projects cannot be overstated. In his post to Medium, Sood attributed the success of UKG to the fact that it is being listed by more and more trusted exchanges like Okex.

“[We] want to send our users to platforms we—and they—can trust. There’s a reason our users saw UnikoinGold as the decentralized token of eSports and gaming during our unprecedented sale,” he said.

As more and more dedicated coin projects like UKG go mainstream, it will be interesting to see what, if any, impact they will have on innovation in banking methods for online casinos in Canada.