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“What is all the fuss about?” - An Introduction to Craps

craps casinoCraps, is the casino game that they make the movies about. From Guys and dolls to Oceans thirteen, Craps has caught the attention of hustlers and entrepreneurs for decades. Simple and interactive, live craps is the one where you see one guy throwing dice, and a bunch of people around him yelling and shouting. But apart from all the yelling? Who wins what, and why does everybody get so excited when the dice lands showing certain numbers?

At a craps table, there is always one designated shooter (that’s the player throwing the dice). The shooter can rotate, with up to twenty people taking their turns, or those around the table can simply bet on the shooter. That way, one player can keep playing, and if you feel he is on the lucky streak, you can simply match his bets.

When it comes to betting, craps is a not only a bit complicated than most games it also explains the enthusiasm. The game starts with the Come Out roll. The shooter rolls the dice, and if the roll’s total is 2, 3, or 12, the shooter ‘craps out’ and losses the Pass Line bets. Rolls totaling 7 or 11 are called Naturals, and they win the Pass Line bets. Any of the other numbers will become the Point, moving the game into the second phase.

Once the Point is established, the shooter will throw the dice, trying to make the Point number. If he succeeds, all the Pass Line bets win. He can keep trying until he rolls a 7, which ends the round, and results in the loss for the Pass Line bets. If the shooter scores his Point, the dice is returned to him for the new Come Out roll.

Although there are various bets one can make at the craps table, the Pass Line is the heart and the soul of the game. Once the shooter establishes the Point, you can place a bet on the Pass Line, getting different odds depending on the point. (6:5 for 6 or 8, 2:1 for 4 or 10, etc.). If the shooter throws the Point before throwing a 7, you win the bet. Are you still following?

All the slang peppered around a craps table heightens the excitement, terms for rolls such as ‘snake eyes’ or a ‘square pair’ give craps that atmosphere of Vegas, Reno and other popular casino cities.
So Craps is all about the odds and is a natural casino game for sports bettors and stats lovers. If you love casino games where you have to pace yourself and put in the mental effort, be the wise guy and grab your advantage at an online craps table.

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