Publish: 18.12.2017

William Trentini In As Wild Crypto CEO

Wild Crypto is slated to begin operations this coming January 20th.

Wild Crypto, a new online lottery and gaming provider that will use blockchain technology to reach an international audience, has released a statement announcing the appointment of William Trentini as its new CEO.

“[Trentini] has more than 20 years’ international experience in the financial industry across wealth management and investment banking,” Wild Crypto said in explaining the thinking behind the hire.

The news comes just a month before the company is slated to go live. It also follows-up on a successful token sale funding campaign that net 10,592 Ether to help with the expenses of launching.

Trentini Excited To Get Started

Wild Crypto’s enthusiasm was echoed by Trentini himself, who will take the helm of a company promising access to a robust library comprised of both innovative content and third-party creations.

Developing content assets is Trentini’s strength. His background in numerous cross-over ventures between the cryptocurrency and eGaming worlds is expected to give purpose and intelligence to Wild Crypto’s early operations.

“The Wild Crypto platform is innovative and robust and will offer our players a world-class gaming experience utilizing the very latest blockchain technology. I am thrilled to lead this exceptional team in the next stage of our development,” Trentini said in speaking about his new role.

Go Live Next Month

Wild Crypto is slated to begin operations this coming January 20th. When it does finally go live, it will be another one in a long line of attempts to blend crypto currency and online casino gaming.

So far the mixture has been doing well, with a growing number of rooms willing to accept crypto currency — and a growing number of players taking them up on the offer. Nevertheless, there is a growing sentiment within the industry that the fully potential of the crypto movement has yet to be realized. People are waiting for the next big thing.

Will that be Wild Crypto? Only time will tell. But with an experienced hand like Trentini at the helm, there’s no reason to believe it can’t be.