Lost Vegas

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The Zombie apocalypse has hit and a group of survivors tries to survive against a hoard of zom-bies led by an Elvis Impersonator. While that sounds like a cheesy B-Movie on the SyFy net-work, that’s the premise behind Microgaming’s Lost Vegas.

Lost Vegas plunges you into the the world of the Zombie apocalypse and you can choose to fight your way to safety or you can try to end humanity as blood thirsty zombies. Regardless of which side you choose, you can earn free spins and win huge cash prizes up to 9,700 credits.


  • Software Providers:
  • Reels: 5
  • # Paylines : 243
  • Slot type: Video Slot
  • Jackpot type: Fixed jackpot
  • Bonus Feature: yes
  • Scatter: Yes
  • Free Spins: Yes
  • Available on mobile:

Pros and cons

  • Win Up to 97,000 Credits
  • Up to 50 Free Spins in Free Spins Features
  • Random Zombie Fists of Cash
  • Bonus Game Difficult to Achieve
Lost Vegas is an awesome Zombie adventure slot that has multiple cool bonus features and awe-some cash prizes

How to Play

Lost Vegas offers a unique feature not found on most slots. You can change the playable charac-ters and symbols at any point in the base game between the Survivors and the Zombies. Chang-ing characters doesn’t impact the payouts but does impact the bonus game.

When you load the game, you will notice the character change button at the top right hand cor-ner. If you start as Survivors, it will read Play Zombies. You can click this button at any time to switch characters

The other buttons at the bottom are the basic control buttons for the game. The bet button will allow you to select the number of coins and the coin denomination. You can play for as little as .20 a spin to as much as $50 a spin. The Autoplay button allows you to set auto-spin feature. You can select a pre-set number of spins or let it continue until either you stop it or you run out of money.

Due to there being two groups of playable characters, there are many more symbols to keep track of. Winning symbols are as follows:


  • Survivor Leader (brunette male)
  • Survivor Female Leader (brunette female)
  • Male Survivor (black hair)
  • “Working girl” Survivor with Bat
  • Male Survivor Golf Pro


  • Zombie Elvis
  • Zombie Nurse
  • Zombie Couple
  • Zombie Photographer
  • Zombie Showgirl

Other Symbols:

  • Ace
  • King
  • Queen
  • Jack
  • 10
  • Lost Vegas Symbol (Wild)
  • Biohazard Symbol (Scatter)

Graphics and Sounds

Lost Vegas features excellent graphics and animation. The background is an abandoned casino with the video slot machines flickering in the background. All basic symbols have a modern 3-D graphic design and pop nicely. These are not your average graphics.

The Survivor and Zombie graphics are well designed and look like they came straight out of a graphic novel. When you hit a winning combination, they animate based on the character’s per-sonality.

The sounds on this game are solid and have a bit of a Vegas theme. The background music is what you might expect in a zombie movie as survivors are cautiously walking down a hallway trying to avoid zombies.

A simple win triggers a basic guitar riff while a medium win features a bit of an extended guitar riff sound. The same type of sound is triggered if you happen to hit the random Zombie Fists of Cash.

Winning a larger prize, such as 5 of a Kind or hitting multiple high payout reels triggers and excit-ing action sound similar to what you’d experience in a zombie film when the zombies first attack and the survivors have to fight for their lives.

Sounds are the same regardless of which side you play.


Lost Vegas offers a fixed jackpot of up to 97,000 credits. This ranges from $97 to $9,700 de-pending on coin size. The best way to win the bonus prize is during the Free Spins feature, espe-cially the Zombies Infection feature as you accrue prizes over 50 spins.

Special Features

Free Spins Feature – Hit 3 or more Biohazard symbols to trigger the free spins feature. The type of game depends on the side you choose to play as in the base game.

Survivors Stash Feature – If you hit the free spins feature as Survivors, you get to play the Stash feature. Any A,K,Q,J or 10 that lands during the free spins are stashed and adds cash priz-es to your stash. Free spins continue until all of the Royal symbols have been stashed.

Zombies Infection Feature – Full Zombie stacks infect reels and infected reels turn single wilds into Stacked Wilds. Free spins continue in this game until all reels are infected. You can play up to 50 free spins in this game. Should you manage to make all 50 free spins without getting all reels infected, you get a special bonus prize.

Blackout Bonus – This randomly triggered free spins mode awards cash prizes for all high sym-bols. Only a single Biohazard symbol is needed to trigger the Blackout Mode. Blackout Mode only occurs on non-winning spins in the base game.

Zombie Fists of Cash – At random, the Zombie Fists of Cash may pop up during a losing spin. These fists award random cash amounts.


Lost Vegas is an excellent Zombie adventure slot that has the feel of a cheesy B-movie that you’d see on the SyFy network. The only difference is that you’ll actually want to play Lost Ve-gas as it has multiple bonus features and awards huge cash prizes.