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Your 2020 Guide to Canada’s Best Online Sports Betting Sites


The team of online experts at Online-Casinos-Canada.ca have compiled a guide to the best online sports betting sites in Canada! You’ll find our top recommendations based on promotions, sports variety, betting markets, the best odds and much more. Designed to help you find incredible new sports betting sites with ease, you will find everything you need to know here.

From explaining betting terminology to sharing the biggest promotions and best odds on the market, we’re your one-stop-shop for all your online sports betting needs.

The 3 Ways to Bet with Online Sports

While the options for sports betting are endless, they are divided down into 3 main categories. These include:


The original sports bet, you predict the outcome of the game before it starts. You can bet on markets ranging from simple match odds and score predictions to complex bets like “Home Team to win after being a goal or more behind – Regular Time”.


In-play betting has exploded with the rise of online sports betting. Players can wager on virtually countless markets throughout the game, making reactive decisions based on how the match unfolds.

It’s important to be fast here: if you spot an opportunity, put your cash down quickly before the sportsbook catches up and changes the odds.


Players can get incredible odds by speculatively wagering during pre-season. If you’ve followed all the news – transfers, pre-season results, injuries, playing schedules – then you can make an informed decision. Since a full season is so unpredictable, even backing the favourites can provide high odds.

Best Online Sport Betting Offers for 2020

Let’s kick things off with the best online sports betting offers for this month:

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Types of Bet

As stated before, there are a tremendous amount of bet options available at online sportsbooks. Here are some of the more popular ones used by our Canadian bettors:


The classic wager on either team to win. Bets on the correct outcome (regardless of score) are paid out.


Players are wagering on whether the total number of runs/goals/points in a game will be UNDER or OVER a number offered by the bookmaker.

The odds are usually quite tight on totals bets, but they add plenty of tension if watching the game.


Parlays are our favourite kind of bet. Known as ‘accumulators’ on European sites, this is where players bet on multiple outcomes simultaneously, usually match odds. While players need all of their bets to come through in order to win, the payout is significantly higher than from individual bets.

NHL Pucklines

This bet is designed to level the playing field between a strong favourite and an underdog. The puckline is the number of goals that the final score must fall within.

Usually, players bet on the favourite to win by more than (for example) 2.5 goals (written as -2.5) or the underdog to lose by fewer than 5 goals, or +2.5. This can dramatically improve the attractiveness of odds for ‘no brainer’ matchups.

MLB Run Lines

Run Lines are to MLB what Pucklines are to NHL. It’s the same system, an ATS (Against the Spread) bet when the moneyline odds are not so attractive.

How Do We Choose the Best Online Sport Betting Casinos?

Now that you are familiar with the categories of bets and the most popular bet types, you will need to look for the best sportsbook to suit you. With years of experience in the field, we suggest that you follow suit on the way we choose out sports betting sites.

Local Canadian Sport Sites

We will always try to promote Canadian sports sites as long as they meet our high standards. While there are still far more European than Canadian platforms, new ones are being launched in Canada and we would love for you to know about them.

Local platforms usually work better with Canadian Dollars than European sites and often focus heavily on our country’s favourite sports!

Range of Sports

Ideally, the sites we recommend should offer a broad selection of sports and matches. Of course, most Canadian sites will offer:  

We also look out for a range of other sports that appeal to our people, like:  

And where possible, both men’s and women’s sports must be available across the board for a sense of balances selection. This is crucial because most of our players follow various sports, and want to maximise their profit potential by spreading their bets across different markets.

Free Bet

Free bets, despite their limitations, are an excellent way to increase your bankroll and make low-risk wagers. These can include: 

Some free bets allow you to withdraw profits immediately, where other free bets are unlocked if you make a successful regular bet. The free bet can then be placed (usually with some restrictions) and profits withdrawn if it is also a winner. We look for sportsbooks offering the most lucrative free bet offers.


It’s crucial for modern online players that sportsbooks offer a diverse range of betting markets for each sport. We still enjoy simple match odds (especially as part of a parlay) but we also want: 

Available markets should vary depending on the sport in order to offer the ultimate betting experience for our readers.

Promotions and Bonuses

While the most common promotion is the deposit match, players can also get other promotional offers, including:  

We look for variety as much as dollar value when it comes to promotions.

Best Odds

The differences in offered odds between bookmakers (both locally and internationally) can be substantial. We only promote online sports betting sites with a reputation for offering the most advantageous odds across sports and markets. The reason? It maximises the profit that you can make with every bet.

In-play Betting

In-play betting isn’t available at all sportsbooks and often the functionality is limited. We’re always looking for powerful platforms which provide live odds, superfast bet placement, and a large variety of in-play betting markets. This has definitely become the most dynamic and exciting form of online sports betting and we want to make sure our readers enjoy the best in-play platforms.

Bet on Your Favorite Sport


Sports Betting Tips

It’s great knowing what kind of bets exist and the promotions available – but how do you actually increase your odds of winning? Simply stay in touch with the industry and learn as you go. Read our curated tips & advice from expert sports bettors and keep current on your sporting news:

“Manual” for Online Sports Betting

Entering a new environment is always daunting. One of the most challenging things is learning all the specific terminology and the requirements of the online sportsbook.  

Be sure to read through the terms and conditions of the site to familiarise yourself with the playthrough requirements. Here’s a quick overview of some of the basic essential terms that you will come across and need to understand to make a success of your visit:


Online sports betting is fun, exciting and potentially lucrative. Visit our recommended online casinos that offer sports betting and try a bet yourself!

FAQ about Online Casinos in Canada

How do odds work in sports betting?

Odds are typically presented in three ways: decimal, fractional, or American/Moneyline. In Canada, the decimal system is the most popular. For example, you might see odds of 2.0 – this means that a winning bet of $10 would pay out $20 plus your original $10 stake.

Why do parlay bets pay out so much?

Because they depend on multiple results all winning, the payouts of each individual match in the parlay are essentially multiplied, not added.

Can I bet on any sports or match?

The exact sports and games available depend on the specific sportsbook.

What’s the best betting strategy to maximise wins?

We’ve compiled a series of tips & strategies to help players maximise their wins. Check them out for quality advice.

What is matched betting?

Matched betting is a strategic technique for making guaranteed profit from the many free bet and deposit match offers at online sportsbooks.

Can I get bonuses for joining a new sportsbook?

Yes. The vast majority of sportsbooks (and all of those recommended by us) will offer you a special bonus for joining.

How do I actually place bets within the sportsbook?

Usually it’s a simple matter of finding the bet you want to make, clicking it, and selecting the bet amount. You then add it to your betslip with a simple click or tap – couldn’t be easier.

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How do odds work in sports betting?

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