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Winning large sums of money is a major drawcard when it comes to casino games and, to win cash, you first have to play for real money. This is why the ease of banking is so important – especially at online casinos where security is an absolute necessity.

A large portion of the world’s population has a range of cards in their wallet, and one of them will more than likely bear the Visa emblem.

If you do,  you already have all you need to make deposits and withdrawals at most online casinos, like the ones listed below.

Don’t waste time signing up for other websites or services if you can simply deposit with VISA for free.

Visa Online CasinosAdvantages of VISA

Visa cards are accepted all over the world, both in brick and mortar establishments and online!

  1. Visa is accepted at many casinos serving Canadian players
    1. From Royal Vegas to Betway and Spin Palace, Visa is accepted all over
  2. VISA cards are easy to apply for and use
    1. Despite the growing popularity of e-wallets, having an actual credit card has been necessary for daily life for years
    2. It is easier to keep track of your spend
    3. There is no need to remember logins and passwords

Save time and headspace by linking directly from your bank account to the casino with VISA as your go-to middleman.

Make a VISA deposit at Royal Vegas:

  1. Grab your credit or debit card and have it handy
  2. Head to and go to Banking
  3. Click on ‘Add card’ link adjacent to ‘Credit Cards’
  4. Register your card by completing the necessary fields, including your full name, address and card number (this is the 12-digit number on the front of your credit or debit card)
  5. Select your card type (VISA) from the drop-down menu
  6. Enter your deposit amount
  7. Enter your CVV number. This is the three-digit number on the back of your credit or debit card
  8. Click ‘Next’ to complete your deposit

It’s as simple as that. Now you’re ready to play and win.

Withdrawing with VISA

Easy Withdrawing With VISA

Now that you’ve won some cash, you will need to know how to cash in using your Visa card.

Once again, it’s super easy. Withdrawals, like deposits, are generally the same at every casino. And again, so that you have an example to work off of, we’ll return to Royal Vegas for a breakdown of how to make a VISA withdrawal.

Making a VISA withdrawal at Royal Vegas:

  1. In the casino software, click on ‘Bank’ and then select ‘Withdrawal’
  2. The casino will ask you for your preferred payment option
    1. Select credit card.
  3. Your credit card should show up as an option if you also used it to make a deposit
    1. If not, you may have to add your credit card. These steps should be similar to steps 4-7 (except for step 6) from the deposit instructions above.
  4. There is a 24-hour processing window at Royal Vegas, during which time players can reverse their withdrawal by following the instructions in the ‘Bank’ section within the casino software.

Keep in mind, while the withdrawal process is generally the same at each online casino, what might fluctuate is the wait time. While VISA withdrawals are among the quicker methods available at casinos, they can take from 24-hours up to a week to process.


That’s all you need to know. No matter where you want to spin your reels, VISA is almost certainly going to be among the best banking options at your disposal. It’s quick, usually free, effective and safe.

If you have a VISA in your wallet, there’s no reason not to use it at the casinos we recommend in the table above.

However, if you’re looking to compare, we welcome you to check out other payment options on our payment methods page, and then decide.